Masters Title, Inc.

Providing Professional Title Services to South Florida

Masters Title, Inc., conveniently located in South Florida, provides comprehensive closing and title services that are second to none. No matter if it is an individual closing on a home or a complex corporation, our professional team of advisers can help you with all your closing needs. 

We have assisted thousands of property owners, real estate professionals and lenders with their title needs. Masters Title, Inc. performs daily transactions that include residential, commercial, developer, refinance, reverse mortgages, vacant land, REO closings and Short sale processing.

We are a service oriented company comprised of committed and skillful individuals who have the passion and mastery to succeed!

Our goal is to deliver consistent superior title services with exceptional principles in communication and professionalism to fulfill our commitment of complete customer satisfaction. Our team of experts conduct settlements of all types of real estate transactions everyday. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, refinancing your mortgage or involved in a short sale, we are here to guide you through a smooth settlement. Use our complimentary (free) tool to receive your guaranteed quote of settlement fees or contact us directly to arrange an appointment for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

Exceptional Customer Service

Our promise is to provide consistent, exceptional service to all of our clients. We guide our customers through every step of the process up to closing. Our professional team of experts take pride in doing everything possible to assure our clients that their transaction will be done efficiently and smoothly, giving them a stress-less experience while purchasing their new home or property.

Expertise, Experience & Integrity

Building our team of experts, we only pick the very best. Our team embodies the skills and work ethic essential to succeeding in the title industry. Whether it is our title officers, title searchers, underwriters, closing agents, escrow officers or processors…our team is committed to serving you with quality services that are unmatched. 

Reliable Financial Execution

Masters Title, Inc. has always been committed to being the most financially sound title insurance agency in South Florida. We understand the importance of insuring a clear title policy so that the buyer so they can enjoy PEACE OF MIND.

What We Do

When purchasing a home, it is essential to confirm that there are no existing defects to the title of the subject property and the seller’s legitimate claim of ownership. If there is an existing defect with the title, you as the buyer can incur restrictions, delays and financial loss when you purchasing the property without clearing the title first. You not only will you gain ownership of the property but all the problems associated with it.

Masters Title, Inc. provides full search and report of the intended property to ensure that the buyer is fully protected. After your sales contract has been accepted, our title professionals will search all public records in an effort to discover any problems with the property’s title. Our extensive search process involves researching the property and all records associated to the property going back several years.

Our products and services protect our customers from financial loss and hardship related to unknown issues that may be hidden within a property’s title. Our title professionals work to resolve any issues associated with the property title before you go to closing. We also provide title insurance policies, real estate transaction and mortgage lending products and services.

Masters Title, Inc. holds itself to the highest level of financial security and professional responsibility. It is our job to coordinate the interests of all parties to a real estate transaction, including the buyers, sellers, mortgage lender and real estate agents. 

How We Can Help You

Buyers & Sellers – Comprehensive title services which include title clearance, insurance protection, professional settlement, escrow management and closing.

Agents & Lenders – Thorough title searches, title clearance and title insurance policies help to produce clear property titles and enable the efficient transfer of real estate.