About Us:

Or what sets us apart from being just another title company.

Masters Title, Inc. provides complete title insurance protection, professional settlement, escrow, and closing services for a wide variety of our customers.

Our customers include home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, commercial property professionals, homebuilders, developers, title agencies, and legal professionals.

Our goal is to provide professional assistance with facilitating real estate purchases, construction, refinances, and equity loans.

Every day thorough title searches, title clearance and title insurance policies we help to produce clear property titles and enable the efficient transfer of real estate. Specializing in all types of residential transactions, the Agency has insured and performed closings from Key West to Pensacola, Florida. We are proud to boast a network of Million Dollar insured Notaries throughout the State of Florida allowing us to serve our clients needs statewide. We are virtually approved with every national Lender and all State Banks doing business in the State of Florida. We maintain Multi Million Dollar Error & Omissions Insurance, meeting the guidelines of all lenders we serve.

Masters Title, Inc. is experienced in REO (Real Estate Owned) closings, understanding the concerns and liabilities of Lenders selling foreclosure acquired properties. Having closed Real Estate transactions in every County of Florida, we understand the costs and procedures statewide, enabling us to timely and effectively close transactions in the banks’ behalf. Furthermore, our successful closing of numerous short sales allows us to understand the “mentality” of the banks and all of their regulatory concerns.

We are a little, BIG Company whose experienced and professional staff could properly service up to 100 transactions per month and still maintain the high level of service that has allowed us success throughout the years.

It is our goal to continue to provide excellent service, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.